it is time to begin

 Acquire a small piece of paper. A cocktail napkin will do, or the back of a grocery receipt, if necessary unfold the cigarette box and use the inside. Stare into this empty void. Imagine the knife in the following steps. Follow these steps in precise order.

  1. First imagine the pommel of the knife at the bottom of the page. It is hexagonal in shape.
  2. Next imagine the grip of the knife emerging from the pommel as coiled strands serpentined and interconnected
  3. Then imagine the guard of the knife clearly delineating the border between the handle and blade, the border between life and death.
  4. Finally imagine the blade. It leaves the guard thick and broad and then gradually narrows until it terminates in a point near the top of the page. There are distorted reflections moving up and down the blade.
  5. There is no sheath or scabbard.

If these steps were followed correctly the image of the knife on the paper will now look like this: 

Now, affix this icon to your breast or the crown of your head. You will be found.